Small Animal

We also keep a good variety of small animal food including: rabbit, hamster, guineapig, mouse, rat, wild bird, pet bird, and more!
Brands We Carry: Oxbow, Kaytee, Tiny Friends Farm, Ware, Kaylor of Colorado, So Cal's World's Best, and more!



Don't forget the fish and reptiles! We carry live and frozen feeders for your scaley friends! Including: (live) crickets, meal worms, super worms, fruit flies, blood worms, mice, rats, and (frozen) mice, rats, blood worms, brine shrimp, krill, and more!

Pet Food

We carry all of the top quality pet food and supply. We also take weekly custom orders of many other products and brands that we don't have on our shelves. Please, give us a call, or come into the shop to have an employee assist you!